Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"If we are faithful"

This past week we talked alot about families and crisis. In my life I have experienced alot of crisis within my own family. I feel like one of the most detremental crisis that can happen to a family is infidelity, which is what happened to my family. I feel it is because it is something that removes the foundation upon which a family is built: Covenants; trust; love; respect; loyalty, unity, etc. But something I learnt during the discussions was that infidelity wasnt just a crisis that happened in our family. It was a result of many crisis that had happened previously that werent properly dealt with and overcome. My parents suffered financial crisis and communication crisis, and many others. Slowly these problems started to poision my family and paved the way for even greater crisis to happen. I feel that I learned more about crisis that can happen to our families and how we can deal with them and prevent further crisis from happening. I loved what Brother Williams pointed out with the stories that he shared about how we can, by how we respond change the experience to a positive one verses what would naturally result in a terribly negative one. My family unfortunantely responded in a negative way and terrible things resulted with alot of suffering that could have been avoided but I feel that im better equipped to recognize that for my future family and relationships, to understand that its all about how I choose to respond and that I have the power to change the experiences that happen to me and change them for good and to the benefit of myself and family. I know for myself that even though inevidably we will all face crisis and challeneges the best way to get through them is by controlling our behavior and response to them and pulling together as a family and relying on the gospel of Jesus Christ to get us through. Im grateful for true principles that help to guide us in making those decisions and knowing what to do to get through the dark times in life. Im grateful for the atonement and what it means for families and how it can help us get through anything. I know that as we maintain an eternal prespective in life we can have the assurance that no matter what happens everything will be okay and as Emma smith- someone who faced more family crisis than almost anyone ive ever known of- said "All our losses will be made up, if we are faithful"

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  1. That is such a great insight. I agree that how we respond to a crisis can make all the difference. Thanks for sharing!